What we did

CGI / Animation / Edit / Photography


Agency Kaliber and Rodenbach, the renowned Belgian Sour Beer, recently launched a new campaign with a strong message that sets it apart from its competitors. The campaign is called “We’re not for everyone, but we might be for you. The sour brew for the happy few,” and it captures the essence of Rodenbach’s unique flavor profile and appeal to those who appreciate its bold taste. We were happy to collaborate on this campaign and took on the challenge to create new product and campaign visuals including an animated key visual which was created through a combination of photography and CGI.

Overall, the new visuals for Rodenbach’s campaign and product range perfectly capture the brand’s essence and will appeal to those who are looking for a truly unique and flavorful beer experience. Whether you’re already a fan of Rodenbach’s sour brew or just curious about trying something new, these visuals are sure to grab your attention and pique your interest.