What we did

Photography / Retouch


We were delighted to work on the complete packaging redesign of Belgian chocolate brand Guylian, designed by agency Superunion.
Superunion has partnered with Guylian, the luxury Belgian chocolate brand, to create a new brand identity and packaging design for its iconic Seashell pralines. The new brand captures a romantic love story and a passion for chocolate of Guylian’s founders, Guy Foubert, a Belgian chocolatier and Liliane, who joined their names to create Guy-Liliane, or Guylian, for a new generation of chocolate connoisseurs.

Superunion created a custom ‘seawave’ pattern, in signature colours, “ton sur ton”, or tone on tone, to signify the diverse range of product categories in packaging design and communications, and to create a sense of warmth and attention to detail, while art direction of the product photography was intended to capture natural daylight and the feeling of a seaside summer afternoon.

The new packaging features stunning imagery that showcases the chocolate’s high quality ingredients, unique shapes, and intricate details.
Overall, the photography used in the packaging redesign of Guylian chocolates is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and luxury.
The new packaging is sure to delight customers and elevate the brand’s reputation in the competitive world of chocolates.