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About Packshots+

Packshots+ automates the process of generating, editing, and distributing packshot assets, saving valuable time for marketers and enabling them to focus on strategic initiatives. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, brands face a multitude of challenges.

As online platforms and websites grow in prominence, there is an increasing demand for multiple images, creating a strain on marketing teams. Additionally, external demands and rules, such as those imposed by GS1, add complexity to the management of online images. Moreover, the rising popularity of moving and 3D content presents a new challenge for brands striving to captivate their audience.

In response to these struggles, Packshots+ emerges as the ultimate solution. This hybrid packshot asset creation tool is designed to address the growing demand for various types of content while streamlining the content creation process for marketers. By harnessing the power of automation with a human touch, Packshots+ revolutionizes the way brands generate, edit, and distribute packshot assets.

Multi-Channel Content Generation

Packshot+ excels at meeting the requirements of big online platforms and websites. The tool empowers marketers to effortlessly create multiple images tailored to each platform’s specifications. Whether it’s e-commerce giants or other industry-leading platforms, Packshot+ ensures that brands can seamlessly fulfill their image demands and comply with external rules, such as GS1 standards.

Streamline Global Content Requests

In an increasingly global marketplace, brands often face the challenge of managing content requests from different countries while maintaining central quality control. Packshot+ simplifies this process by offering an intuitive platform where marketers can easily submit content requests specific to each country’s needs. Simultaneously, the tool incorporates an advanced quality control mechanism to ensure consistent and high-quality packshots across all regions. By unifying global visual standards, brands can ensure a consistent level of quality, regardless of the country in which their products are marketed.

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Embrace Packshot+ and unlock a new era of content creation. With its hybrid approach of automation and human touch, brands can conquer the hurdles of online image demands, external rules, moving content expectations, global content requests, brand distinctiveness, and fluctuating image quality.
Let Packshot+ empower your brand’s visual storytelling and propel it towards a successful future in the digital realm.

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