At Peek Creative Studios, our mission is to produce creative, efficient, and effective content that captures the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide. We are committed to utilizing our in-house team of photography, video, animation, and CGI specialists, as well as trusted partners, to deliver great projects that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Our passion for creating, effective and efficient content drives us to innovate, collaborate, and continuously improve our craft, bringing your vision to life, no matter the scale or complexity. Not only for your content today, but also for tomorrow.

Scaling the content for tomorrow

Every company lives by their core values. Our fundamental beliefs that help us to work together as a team towards our common goal. We have 6 core values that we embody to create a fun, professional and inclusive workplace.


At Peek, we know better than anyone how to produce qualitative, smart and efficient content. Because we have everything in-house, we can combine productions, and we can opt for the most efficient approach without having to make concessions to our QUALITY.


At Peek we love to work for and with people. Working with, and at Peek should be joyful. That is why PERSONAL attention for our people and clients is truly important. What drives them and how can we get the best out of them? We firmly believe that if they are comfortable and happy, they will be better at their job.


At Peek we are AMBITIOUS. Tomorrow, we want to be better than today. We are always thinking about tomorrow’s demand, with the question of what our customers need and how we can distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Ambition also includes innovation and renewal, wanting to discover new paths, walking uncharted paths, but without losing sight of today’s demand.


FLEXIBILITY is a top priority at Peek. We are flexible in solutions, and in timings. Our in-house skills ensure that we can quickly pick up productions. We are flexible with your demands and can easily adapt so that you, as a customer, can continue with your campaign with good, qualitive content within the realized timings and budget. We will always proactively think alongside our clients about how we can get things done.


Commitment, taking responsibility for what you create together. An important factor for a successful production. Something that is needed from both parties. Mutual respect and being aware of the importance of good cooperation between client and supplier is crucial. We expect this not only from our own people and suppliers, but also from our clients. Mutual respect and willingness to go the extra mile for each other. We prefer to work with people who feel the same way.


TEAMWORK at Peek means, getting the most out of a project when everyone is put in their strength, their expertise and by combining disciplines. Unmistakably, this is precisely what is needed when you produce integrated content. You really need each other, not only internally, but the customer also plays an important role in this. When everything is aligned and everyone provides added value to the project based on their expertise, then you can really make a difference together as a team.

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