What we did

CGI / Animation / Edit


Let’s be real. We’re all doing it: Ordering stuff online and having it delivered.

This means that each day, Millions of packages are on their way to our homes. To get these packages to where they need to be, Transport and Logistics real estate are crucial. There’s no denying that.

Together with Bureau Loos, who are responsible for the creative concept, and Montea we developed a campaign video that emphasizes that you need to be smart about the use of scarce space and develop sustainable options.  Develop new logistics real estate on land previously occupied by old warehouses in order to keep green fields green. A message that we support in every way. Our team build & produced a wonderful 3D carton world in CGI, animation and edit. For the development of the storyboard and styleframes we partnered up with our Pakt-animation partners Volstok. A great example of working together as a Pakt and super proud of the result.