What we did

Photography / Retouche


​The younger generation’s declining interest in alcohol has led Swinkels to introduce a brewed craft soda, an organic beverage crafted with the same grains found in beer. This positions the brand solidly in the burgeoning market for non-alcoholic alternatives, a space where Gen Z particularly thrives. The campaign by SuperRebel and FreeBrew challenges ridiculous norms, reflecting Gen Z’s unique worldview. Everything that represents an established norm is considered absurd by them, prompting a pushback. They, akin to the hummingbird symbolizing FreeBrew, never see themselves as too small or too young to express their opinions, making it an ideal way to market FreeBrew—a brewed craft soda aimed at the Gen Z demographic.

The ‘Break free from…’ campaign launched by SuperRebel embodies a ‘hummingbird-sized protest’, illustrating that numerous small actions can lead to a significant impact, thereby establishing ‘small as the new big’. FreeBrew is committed to challenging ridiculous norms, utilizing every possible means—from mini protest signs as stirrers to outdoor advertising—to amplify this new movement’s voice. This not only creates more buzz around FreeBrew but also proves that one can enjoy this non-alcoholic beverage as much as an alcoholic drink, challenging yet another peculiar norm: the consumption of alcohol.