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Family Brewed

Introducing Bavaria’s New Look: Family Brewed
We’re excited to unveil the fresh, revamped visual look and feel for Bavaria’s new product and brand campaign. In collaboration with the agency Kaliber, we have crafted a captivating visual identity that captures the essence of Bavaria.
A family business embodies quality, and at Bavaria, they take this principle to heart. They don’t just put their name on the facade; they proudly showcase their family signature on every bottle. With this latest campaign, “Family Brewed,” the aim is to elevate the perception of the renowned Bavaria lager and the still expanding 0.0% range.
To bring this vision to life, Bavaria has introduced a comprehensive repositioning strategy. This includes a compelling brand campaign, a dedicated product campaign for the 0.0% range, and a refined visual identity. Their recognizable brand assets have received a fresh new look, ensuring that ‘Family Brewed’ is presented consistently and ready for the future.
​It has been an absolute joy to collaborate on this project and be entrusted with such a significant campaign introduction. We are proud for the opportunity to bring Bavaria’s vision to life and showcase the essence of ‘Family Brewed’ through our creative efforts. The journey has been inspiring, and we are proud to have played a part in shaping Bavaria’s new visual identity and brand campaign.