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Photography / Retouch

​Hoya Hi-Vision Meiryo Photography Campaign

At Peek Creative Studios, we are thrilled to unveil our latest collaboration, the Hi-Vision Meiryo Photography Campaign, in partnership with Hoya and creative agency Nomads. For this campaign we teamed up with the renowned portrait photographer Oscar Seykens and the cutting-edge technology of Hi-Vision Meiryo, Hoya’s most advanced premium spectacle lens coating.

Hoya understands the importance of crystal-clear vision when you invest in a new pair of glasses. However, everyday scratches and smudges can quickly diminish that initial clarity. That’s where Hi-Vision Meiryo steps in. This campaign captures the essence of this groundbreaking technology, showcasing images that invite you to experience the world in unparalleled detail and precision.

Hi-Vision Meiryo is not just a coating; it’s a guardian for your lenses. It ensures your eyewear outlasts your prescription, shielding your glasses from the wear and tear of daily life. With Hi-Vision Meiryo, you can bid farewell to the frustration of scratched and smudged lenses and enjoy uncompromised vision quality throughout the life of your eyewear.